Colegio San Fernando de Buin

                              Ski day
                              ski dayLike each year our students had the chance to experience a skiing activity. This August 2, at El Colorado ski center, our young ones participated in private lessons with specialized instructors. After a repairing lunch, everybody continued having fun in a day full of learning at the mountain.

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                              Buin Zoo field trip.  Wednesday August 10th
                              buinzooWith the objective of raising awareness for biodiversity conservation, especially of species and ecosystems.  Our Second and Third grade students visited the Buin Zoo park.
                              Congratulations to our students for their good disposition and enthusiasm.

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                              12th grade breakfast
                              desayuno IVAt the end of the first semester the 12 th grade class met with the Senior Management Team, their homeroom teacher and some other teachers for a breakfast.
                              In this opportunity, the students had the chance to chat, laugh and talk about their last months in school, their plans for the future, PSU, and many other things. It was a great time to listen to others, exchange points of view, pick up ideas and in general, to understand more about what is happening to our dear Class of 2016. We look forward for a second breakfast this time before they leave our school for good.

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                              Healthy Kiosk
                              kiosko saludableAs of Monday June 28th, the new law for foods sold in schools began to take effect. Our school and our lunch provider had long begun to work towards implementing all requirements.  Today, lunches and snacks are all according to standards and are looked after as to comply with the law but more than that provide healthy food for the benefit of our students and their well - being.
                              Parents can be of great help when it comes to sending snacks and lunches to school. We strongly advice you to avoid sending food such as chips, sweets, soft drinks, and in general, high sugar, high fat, high calorie and high sodium foods to school. On the other hand, we strongly suggest you change those foods for fruits, small sandwiches, water or non-sugary juices, non - fat dairy products, nuts, eggs, etc. Together we can make a difference in our children’s lives.

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                              Aylin Ludueña Collinao Annual Award
                              Aylin awardIn commemoration of our dear Aylin Ludueña Collinao, and promoted by her dear parents, Mr. Cristian Ludueña Espinoza and Mrs. Angela Collinao Miranda, this year´s award was granted to two very special members of our community.  In order to be applicable for this special recognition, the person should demonstrate to be responsible, respectful, inquirer, curious, passionate and live with solidarism and in respect towards others.  
                              As a member of the student body the chosen was Fabrizzio Margas Cavieres from the Senior Class 2016. Fabrizzio is recognized as an exemplary student, which we would like to highlight among others.

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