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                              Aylin Ludueña Collinao Annual Award
                              Aylin awardIn commemoration of our dear Aylin Ludueña Collinao, and promoted by her dear parents, Mr. Cristian Ludueña Espinoza and Mrs. Angela Collinao Miranda, this year´s award was granted to two very special members of our community.  In order to be applicable for this special recognition, the person should demonstrate to be responsible, respectful, inquirer, curious, passionate and live with solidarism and in respect towards others.  
                              As a member of the student body the chosen was Fabrizzio Margas Cavieres from the Senior Class 2016. Fabrizzio is recognized as an exemplary student, which we would like to highlight among others.

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                              University fair 2016
                              feria universitariaThis Thursday June 30, our school hosted a well-visited University Fair.  Different institutions presented their programs among: Universidad Católica, USACH, UNIACC, Universidad Andrés Bello, Universidad Central, Universidad San Sebastián, Universidad del Desarrollo, Universidad Mayor and Universidad Finis Terra.
                              Our High School students were able to browse around and find much information about the different presentations. We also received students from Colegio Alto del Valle and Saint James.
                              We thank participating institutions and the schools that joined us hoping to have contributed with helpful information for future decision-making.

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                              Programa Open House 2016
                              open house
                              Teacher professional development
                              imagen1On June 1, 2 & 3, teachers, assistant teachers and Senior Management Team members, visited The International School Nido de Aguilas in Lo Barnechea. We visited classrooms, observed activities and talked to teachers to learn about the program they deliver. We were fortunate to bring back many new ideas but especially had a tremendous opportunity to look at a high quality program so as to help us improve our own. We will continue our search to grow better and better each day!
                              Our appreciation goes to Mr. Greg James, Nido Director of Professional Development who was our host all three days. He was also generous enough to share with us Nido’s expertise.

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                              Hockey en Club del Valle
                              hockey 2El sábado recién pasado nuestro Colegio asistió a un encuentro de Hockey organizado por el Club del Valle, San Fernando sexta región. En este encuentro participaron Colegio Alterrra,  Colegio San Felipe Diácono, Club del Valle.
                              Los resultados fueron los siguientes:

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